The Perfect Avocado Ripened To Your Requirements.

Stage 14+ Days remain until ripeHARD Very hard fruit. Usually green in color, some fruit may be a darker shade. (25 lbs of pressure or more)
Stage 23+ Days remain until ripePRE-CONDITIONED Ready to eat in approximately 3 days if held at room temperature. (15-25 lbs pressure)
Stage 32+ Days remain until ripeBREAKING (Pre-ripened) Slight give to fruit. Ready to eat approximately 2 days if held at room temperature (10-15 lbs of pressure)
Stage 41+ Days remain until ripeFIRM RIPE (Pre-ripened) Yields to gentle pressure. Good for slicing. Fully ripe next day if held at room temperature. (5-10 lbs pressure)
Stage 5RipeRIPE Easily yields to gentle pressure. Good for all uses. Will remain in this condition for 2-3 days if held at room temerature. (5 lbs pressure)

Control The Process From Orchard To Table

At GreenFruit, we take pride in controlling the entire avocado chain, from orchard to table. We are a truly vertically integrated supplier. As a premier grower, packer, and logistics company, we manage the entire process from seed to table including the cold storage and ripening stages.

Our ripening program offers the latest technology on ripening avocados which helps reduce checkerboarding, as well as, overripe fruit. With over 20 years of ripening experience, our team is dedicated to hit the mark on every specification desired by each customer.

Our dedicated ripening and cold storage facilities are strategically located near all major distribution channels across the United States and are supervised by expert GreenFruit team members to ensure consistent quality and product.

“At GreenFruit we can really control the whole process from seed to shelf. Our passion is avocados and we have a dedicated  group of people whose goal and commitment is to deliver quality and consistency whilst utilizing advanced technology.”

We grow The Perfect Avocado

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