Delivering The Perfect Avocado Requires A Dedicated Team

GreenFruit is truly about people… Sure in the end, we deliver one of the tastiest, healthiest treats to come to the kitchen.
Although the phrase farm to table sounds breezy and simple, in actuality, this simple feat requires an orchestra of team players to shepherd
our avocados through every step of the journey.

Brian Gomez
Brian Gomez President & CEO
Rafael Tony Bucio
Rafael Tony BucioPartner
Ygnacio Valerio
Ygnacio Valerio Partner
Carlos Ignacio Valerio
Carlos Ignacio Valerio Global Operations Manager
Kraig Loomis
Kraig Loomis Director of Sales & Marketing
Dan Acevedo
Dan Acevedo Director of Business Development
Giovanni Espinosa
Giovanni Espinosa Sales
Dave Culpepper
Dave Culpepper Sales
Natasha Smith
Natasha Smith Program Manager
Jair Magallan
Jair MagallanProcurement & Sales
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Gomez Operations Coordinator
Jonovan Acosta
Jonovan AcostaSales Coordinator
Priscilla Mendez
Priscilla MendezSales & Marketing Assistant

We grow The Perfect Avocado

We look forward to working together, please contact us
with your requirements.

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