How to make Avocado Oil:

12 Avocados
1 Cheesecloth
1 Saucepan
2 Bowls
1 Storage Container
1 food processor/blender

Directions: Peel 12 avocados, then purée all avocado in blender or food processor. Heat the blended avocado in a pot on medium heat and stir every 5 minutes. Keep cooking until water evaporates and the mixture gets dark in color. Scoop avocado mixture into a bowl. Place a clean thin cloth (a cheesecloth) over the top of the bowl and then turn the bowl upside down so the leftover avocado is now in a sack in the cheese cloth.

Squeeze the cheese cloth to strain the avocado oil into a clean bowl. Then pour the new avocado oil into a container for storing!

How to use:
Use avocado oil in the hair at the scalp and work it into and throughout the ends of the hair.

Place a cap (a shower cap) over to cover your hair and scalp. Wait 15-20 minutes, then rinse and wash hair as usual in the shower under luke-warm water.

Avocado oil hair masque is great to help nourish and soften the hair. It adds moisture and shine to dull lifeless hair.

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